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"We are the caretakers of your greatest emotions, experiences and feelings. We are allies in the vision of your most pleasant memories."

More than a laboratory, we are a team of professionals joined by the passion to discover and provide new ophthalmic options.

We welcome you to our new website, designed to meet your requirements and allow you to explore our company. First, we want to confirm our main interest in improving the health and quality of life of ophthalmic patients. Likewise, we strive to offer products that meet patient’s needs and exceed their expectations, always supported by quality management and constantly updated and controlled processes. Finally, we are backed by international certifications and current local regulations. We invite you to learn more about us.



Laboratorios Lansier encompasses more than a quarter century of innovation and leadership in the Latin American Ophthalmic Market.

In 2006 we made an important development in our manufacturing plant for solutions and suspensions, by incorporating the BLOW-FILL-SEAL technology (BFS 301) to produce premium ophthalmic products. In this way, our products meet international quality standards and requirements, ensuring full sterility and avoiding risks of contamination by product handling.

This technological leadership also allows us to offer an automated, sterile and safe packaging process for our production of ophthalmic gels and ointments: ALUMINUM BARRIER LAMINATED (ABL), with the security seal "TIP CALIBRATED-SECURITY RING".

In 2013, in line with the demands and the latest requirements in the ophthalmic therapy we implement a new technology: BFS 624, to continue at the top of the Latin American innovation. This allows us to cover the growing demand in Peru and Latin American countries (Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador; and contract manufacturing in Venezuela and Nigeria). BFS 624 also allows us to offer chronic treatments with preservatives-free single-dose vials.

Thanks to these advantages and skills of our team of professionals, since 2014 Laboratorios Lansier has reached leadership in Peru with a full therapeutic portfolio of more than fifty presentations between multi-dose liquids, preservative-free single-dose vials (vital contribution to ocular chronic treatments), ophthalmic ointments and gels, designed to treat diseases such as: glaucoma, dry eye, ocular allergy and infection among others, supporting anesthetic and diagnostic therapies.


Improve the health and increase the standard of living of patients, meeting and exceeding the needs of the pharmaceutical market, producing high-quality drugs both in Peru and abroad, as well as maximizing a fair reward to our collaborators, strategic partners and shareholders.


Become a world renowned, leading laboratory in its Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Specialties, based on the superior quality of its products and services which are developed with cutting-edge technology through ongoing research and having committed, high-qualified personnel with the capacity for change. All these oriented towards the satisfaction of our clients.

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