Laboratorios Lansier applies state-of-the-art technology in its production process, using fully automated technology for manufacturing/packaging ophthalmic products.


Automated and sterile packaging process for ophthalmic gels and ointments that provides a triple barrier (POLYETHYLENE - ALUMINUM - POLYETHYLENE) for protecting active ingredients and components of the formulations, ensuring stability, efficiency and better management of the tube to the patient.

It also offers the device: "TIP CALIBRATED - RING SECURITY", which allows accurate dosage, greater ease in the application and inviolability of the product, thus preventing its adulteration.


Automated process that allows blowing, filling and sealing containers in one continuous cycle, thus minimizing human intervention.

The BFS process ensures the sterility of the entire manufacturing process. Additionally, it eliminates the risks of adulteration by including tamper-evident caps and embossing expiration date and batch number on the container itself.

At the forefront with the increasing demand in Latin American markets and the latest demands of the international ophthalmic therapy, we have implemented an additional BFS 624 for the production not only of multi-dose solutions and suspensions, but also preservative-free single-dose vials (OCUVIAL LANSIER).