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5 tips to help you with dry eyes

"Being a chronic disease, the treatment of dry eye does not end when you leave the ophthalmologist's office, but requires a series of care and habits that the patient must maintain at home," reminds Dr. Morral. These are some of the main keys to keep dry eye at bay, which IMO specialists offer in a detailed and updated guide on the pathology:

  1. Be meticulous with eyelid hygiene: apply heat to the eyelids using warm compresses, massage them with vertical movements and clean their edges and eyelashes with soap solution and, alternatively, special wipes.
  2. Adopt environmental measures such as avoiding heating and air conditioning, using humidifiers or protecting the eyes with glasses.
  3. Take Omega 3 fatty acid supplements in high doses.
  4. Perform periodic check-ups (at least once a year) and visits specially indicated by the ophthalmologist to apply the appropriate treatments.
  5. Under medical prescription in indicated cases, use anti-inflammatory and/or topical or oral antibiotics.
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