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7 guidelines to break the Dry Eye vicious circle

Dry eye, foreign body sensation, redness, itching and eye irritation are not always associated with a possible dry eye syndrome, a problem that affects about 1 in 3 people and can also cause photophobia and fluctuating vision, as well as corneal and conjunctival lesions in some patients. If the causes are not treated, the symptomatology and its consequences usually increase, due to the imbalances that occur in the tear film. To break the vicious circle of dry eye and reduce its impact on quality of life, European specialists gathered at IMO on the occasion of the "Ocular surface masterclass" have offered some key advice for doctors who have to manage this pathology.

  1. Not all patients with dry eye are the same.
  2. Take the eyelids into account
  3. Think about inflammation
  4. Not all drops are the same
  5. Focus on the risk factors for dry eye.
  6. Patient education
  7. Use diagnostic questionnaires

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/467VTYn

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