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A solution for every type of dry eye

Dry eye is a common pathology that affects 30% of the population and is one of the main reasons for consulting an ophthalmologist. Despite what many patients tend to think, it is not only a lack of tears, but a multifactorial pathology that can also express itself with a variable symptomatology, ranging from slight discomfort to visual problems and lesions on the ocular surface. This syndrome may be due to a decrease in tear production or excessive tear evaporation, as well as inflammation, lack of innervation in the cornea or a malfunction of these nerves. Dry eye is therefore classified into several types: aquodeficient, evaporative, inflammatory, neurotrophic and neuropathic, which can be combined and whose personalized management is the focus of the theoretical and practical "Ocular surface masterclass" course for professionals.

The meeting will be held on February 8 at IMO, a leading center with a specific Dry Eye Area and co-organizer of the course, promoted by Théa Laboratories, which emphasizes the fundamental role of the ophthalmologist in this pathology: "Each patient is unique and, therefore, it is especially important to share knowledge". On the other hand, the meeting also has the support of important societies such as EUCORNEA (European Society of Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease Specialists) and TFOS (Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society), a group of international specialists responsible for the latest classification of dry eye to guide the new clinical practice guidelines.

During the day, specialists will share their experience and discuss real cases of each type of dry eye. For example, they will discuss dry eye associated with Meibomian gland dysfunction, "a problem present in up to 85% of patients with dry eye that affects tear stability and quality," explains Dr. Mercè Morral, IMO ophthalmologist and course speaker.

More information: https://bit.ly/3sMejf6

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