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Dry Eye, how can I know the cause?

Dry eye sensation is usually caused by a problem with tears. These problems may be due to the environment, medications or health status.

Low humidity, wind (sleeping with a fan or sleep apnea mask), allergens and smoke are environmental factors that can cause tear problems.

Low indoor humidity is usually caused by extreme outdoor temperatures. Even with a humidifier, it is common for us to use more heat or more air conditioning in extreme conditions, causing our knuckles to crack, our lips to dry out and our eyes to burn. Other low humidity environments are found on airplanes and in large buildings such as shopping malls, offices and hospitals.

Sleep apnea masks are the most common causes, even if they are well-fitted. Even a small amount of air escaping from the mask can dry the eyes through the small spaces between the eyelids. Also allergens and smoke can cause tears to evaporate more quickly.

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