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What causes eye discharge in babies?

It’s important to know that discharge does not always signal pink eye. Watery or goopy eyes in infants can also arise from:

  • Chemical irritants, usually prophylactic medicines administered shortly after birth including erythromycin and gentamicin drops
  • Blocked tear duct, which often goes away on its own by 12 months of age but may require surgery if it lingers on
  • Epiblepharon, when the lower lid and lashes roll inward and irritate the eye
  • Eye trauma such as a corneal abrasion following delivery, the baby scratching themself or getting injured by a sibling, toy or other object
  • Congenital glaucoma, a rare eye condition that is often accompanied by a cloudy or enlarged cornea

Your pediatrician should be able to identify these alternate causes of eye secretions and refer you to a pediatric ophthalmologist if needed.

More information:  https://bit.ly/49aQXUC

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